Tarosophist of the Year 2012

We are delighted to open for nominations the Tarosophist Awards 2012. In its fourth year, we have extended the categories, and implemented an Awards Panel. You have a few weeks to consider and make your nominations, and ask questions here. If you are unsure of a publication date for your nomination, please check the publisher site, Amazon, etc. All nominations are anonymous and the decision of the panel final. We traditionally announce the winner – winners, this year – on Christmas Day, December 25th 2012.

This year our categories are:

1. Tarosophist of the Year (for outstanding service to Tarot this year, 2012)

2. Young Tarosophist of the Year (for any individual age 18-29 who has made a significant contribution to Tarot over this year)

3. Deck of the Year (for any Tarot, Oracle or Lenormand deck published in 2012)

4. Self-Published Deck of the Year (for any deck self-published, also via Kickstarter, Indigogo, etc., 2012)

5. Book of the Year (for any Tarot book, fiction or non-fiction, published in 2012)

6. Self-Published Book of the Year (for any Createspace, Lulu, or otherwise self-published Tarot book over 2012)

7. Tarot in Media Award (for any use of Tarot in film, documentary, music or performance during 2012)

8. Tarot Art of the Year (for use of Tarot in sculpture, fashion, art, mixed media, etc. during 2012. Need not be a complete deck creation.)

9. E-Tarot Award for outstanding e-version, iApp or other online/virtual use of Tarot during 2012.

Make your nominations prior to December 21st at:


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