Tarot Transformation 2

Discovery from the Oracle of Initiation by Melissa Weiss Steele

Discovery from the Oracle of Initiation by Melissa Weiss Steele

5.The Heirophant.

The Hierophant says for YOU and I to transform we need to be open to new possibilities, and use our thirst for spiritual knowledge to unlock the mysteries beyond. The use of the Tarot assists us in this quest for greater understanding of ourselves and others. We must be both the lock and the Key.

The Heirophant card contains the Keys to unlock these mysteries. To connect with this you could buy a Key of St Peter necklace to wear, better still have somebody gift you one. The Major Arcana are spoken of as keys; the images depicted on the cards have the power to trigger a remembrance of the mysteries.

With this thought in mind take the 22 major Arcana and shuffle & contemplate take one card and allow it to guide you in your quest. Let it be your Tarot Talisman. For example I drew the Death card, what does this tell me about my quest for spiritual/mystical understanding. To me this speaks of the initiation process, constantly letting part of myself live and die.

Finally you might like to answer this question – if Tarot is a key, what does it unlock? (or lock, a question few people consider)?

6. The Lovers

The Lovers says to transform you and I must accept in others that which we hate about ourselves. We need to change fear to love; we have the power of choice and free will.

See everyone you meet today as a friend, see the best in them, as you would expect of them.

7 The Chariot.

The Chariot says that to transform you and I just have to “Get to it, get moving, stop dragging heels.

There is a saying that each morning we should eat a frog, what this means is we should do the very things that we resist doing most of all, once it is eaten nothing worse is likely to happen that day. (But don’t quote me on that one!)

8. Strength

Strength says to transform you and I have to embrace our inner demon tenderly, confront our darkest deepest fears and make a friend out of ourselves!

Be assertive today and express what you believe in firmly but without anger, even if it may feel like you are making yourself open to counter attacks. Stand up to the bullies.

Tarot Transformation

How can we use Tarot for transforming our lives? They say it is not all about YOU but it is! We can all transform when we take time to listen to our inner wisdom; the voice that wants us to grow, if only we would trust ourselves. Now is the time – and with Tarot to hand! So let’s be receptive, let’s listen and trust in our own inner knowledge. The Major Arcana is a Well of Divine Inspiration for change and in this series of articles I will show you ways to apply transformation through Tarot to your life.

We start today with the first four cards of the Majors. You might take each one of these transformations for a day, a week, even a month or year. We can transform at our own speed.

0. The Fool.

The fool says that to transform you and I have to let go of desire, the desire not to fail, we have to let go of doubting ourselves and in turn doubting others. We have to live in the moment at all times and trust that all will be well.

“And all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well”

Today let the above sentiment settle into your mind, repeat it to yourself as often as you can, as you would a Mantra.

Repeat “I let go of desire, I let go the need to succeed, I will not doubt myself or others. All shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well”. Before sleep repeat.

1. The Magician

The Magician says to transform you and I have reach up and outwards and then draw in towards us the knowledge and wisdom resource in order to fulfil our true potential and Discover your life journey theme.

Today connect with the divine that is all around us, connect with your inner magic and discover your life journey theme, do the tarot spread specifically for this, The well of inspiration spread, this is 3 cards of truth to find wisdom in your past, present and future and forge it in the now.

Shuffle the deck of your choice, focus on an image from your past when you first grasped how to do something difficult. Select a card. Do the same with an image of a something in your life that you cannot work out. Select a second card. Then next focus on something you would like to potentially do in the future. Select a third and final card.

Now lay out the cards as below:

1. Your past – what wisdom has come though to now from your past.
2. Your present – how do you use this wisdom wisely.
3. Your future – how you can shape it now.

Take these three cards and read as one story, then try and read them together as one single word; this is the theme of your life journey.

My cards dealt are the:

1. Wheel of Fortune
2. Nine of Swords
3. Eight of Wands

My interpretation is as follows:

The Wheel of Fortune: I have learnt that we are all in the hands of uncertainty, that something that we are sure of one day, we can not be sure of the next. Nothing in life is guaranteed, we are at the mercy of good luck and bad luck.

9 of Swords: By accepting that unhappiness is transient, and I must accept this too will pass.

8 of Wands: I need to stop fear from paralysing me in the now and thereby restricting my future potential.

The word I condensed these to is “Work”. My life journey theme is work. Discover yours.

You can have a reading done for you using this spread by any of the readers at the ShingdigTarot.com site, as a straight three-card reading or custom spread.

2. The High Priestess

The High Priestess says to transform you and I need to silent, we need to listen to the message beyond the silence, the message that we are all one, but at the same time many, alone but not alone, knowing but unknowing, here but not here. She says let it be, just be, in the moment and beyond. She preaches that we should take the line of least resistance.

Spend a day of silence, get away from the usual bind of your everyday life, if possible get away into remote countryside.

3. The Empress

The Empress says to transform you and I have to fall madly in love with ourselves. We must be the star of the show, call all the shots and have total creative license, you are I running our own creative block buster, we can hire and fire and flounce but still be in total control of our life. The balance of power lies within our control.

Create a new image for yourself; go for total revamp of style. Create a whole new persona.

4. The Emperor

The Emperor says to transform you and I need to rule ourselves before others rule us!

Consult an Astrologer; find out where the Planets are in your chart that rule self-governance, Saturn, Leo, sun, Capricorn, and Mars. Aries is a very important part of the mix. Many a great Emperor consulted an Astrologer before taking action.

In my next article I will continue the transformations suitable for the next Major cards of the Hierophant to the Hermit. I would love you to let me know if you take up any of these transformative tarot tasks!

Tarot Illustration: The Sun from the Frown Strong Tarot (Major Arcana Only Deck)