A Historic Day in Tarot

A Historic Day in Tarot

The British Museum, following our payment for photography from the funding drive, has now made available for viewing our commissioned photographs from the Great Symbols of the Paths album by J. B. Trinick and Wilfred Pippet. As we pledged, these divine Tarot images, hidden for almost a century and lying forgotten in the British Museum since 1973 are now made available for the benefit of all private researchers and interested parties.

This historic discovery and event has been made entirely possible by the research work of Tali Goodwin and the funding support of 100 people, who will be named in our forthcoming book, Abiding in the Sanctuary.

Please note that these are not the entirety of images – the BM are still photographing several images missing from those taken to date – nor do they include the text within the album which is subject to known copyright.

You are encouraged to view the images, however, you must strictly observe that these remain © Trustees of the British Museum, and must not be used on websites, etc., without appropriate permissions and licensing.

Also note that these are not the “final” coloured versions which are housed in private collection, and photographs of which will be included in addition to these images and other photographs in Abiding in the Sanctuary. We look forward to providing the full set, commentary, correspondences and other research & photography supporting the images.

We would again like to thank all those who have donated to the project to realise this first stage of our ambition. You have provided the Tarot community the greatest of services.

Tali Goodwin & Marcus Katz

Waite Trinick Tarot – 5

Est Una Sola Res

Our funding drive, which completed yesterday, raised $6,413 towards our target of $15,000. We estimate that with photography, licensing and publication costs (and additional research trips, expenses and conference presentations which were all entirely self-funded) the total budget of this project has reached approximately $20,000. Myself and Marcus Katz have covered, and will cover, any difference between this amount and the funding raised, from our own pockets. This will obviously have a massive impact on our income over the next year, but we know that this event is worth a lifetime of work, so it is not too big a price.

The final photography has now been completed and added to those photographs already from private collections and we are laying out the book at present – an exciting and daunting task. Here’s what will be included:

32 full colour full page images

23 black and white half-page plates

13-15 black and white full page images

3-8 colour full page images (additional)

These images are of the Great Symbols themselves, numbering 22 (corresponding to the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot) + 1 (Da’ath) in colour and b&w; plus many original variant illustrations and sketches of the same in both colour and b&w; plus 22 + 1 plates (the finished b&w versions); plus supplementary photographs relating to those involved in the production of the images.

There will also be a preface, introduction, biographies (featuring new information on A. E. Waite, Pippet and Trinick), text for each image and a commentary on their correspondences to the Tree of Life by Marcus Katz. Our sponsors will all be listed with their websites (if they wish) and there will also be a limited edition bookmark with one of the images and the names of sponsors.

The book will be 8” x 10” and printed on high quality lustre paper in hardback with dustjacket. We estimate that it will be 120pp.

We are looking to price the book very fairly, and estimate at present a price of £55 + postage. We have also decided that to thank all those contributing, however much their amount, the book will be available to all sponsors at a discount rate (say, £45 + postage if the standard price is £55 + postage). We will confirm price & availability shortly as we are waiting on a few final photographs which may change the page total over a publishing price-break.

The book will be produced in limited edition in accord with our licensing agreement and will have a guest scholar preface. We believe this book will be a collector’s item and an essential piece of Tarot history and look forward to presenting it prior to Christmas 2011.

Tali Goodwin