Welcome to the Speakeasy

Welcome to the Speakeasy

Welcome to the Tarot Speakeasy, the world’s only time-travelling Tarot blog, powered by shindigtarot. Join me, your hostess, Tali Goodwin (aka TaliTarot) for a journey into the very heart of Tarot, across time and space. As we travel you may notice time-shifts, do not panic! We have landed in the heart of the 1920’s at the start of this adventure – so make yourself at home as I introduce my love of Tarot, blending into the period. Sit yourself down with some giggle-water!

I’ll provide handy guides and links so you can blend in too – and who knows who we’ll meet in our time-hopping, trip-hopping, bunny-hopping adventure. Is that Josephine Baker we see in the corner of the Speakeasy? Wow! She was the only person I know to dance the Charleston on the World card! As we say in the 1920’s “Get Hot! Get Hot!”

Each week I’ll introduce incredible Tarot images from around the world, beautiful and evocative, timeless and enigmatic. I’ll tell you the story of Tarot from its own cards and from my own discovery of the wonderful mystery of the deck and its magical enchantments.

In speakeasy chin (chat) we would not refer to the Death card other than as the button man. The button man brings in change and regeneration. Let’s not bump gums (talk idly) in this joint (social blog site) and keep it totally Tarot in speakeasy style. There is no prohibition in this joint; we are not going to just punch the bag (small talk) let’s do the Real McCoy (genuine item) – but let’s also have whoopy!

We are going to introduce a little cats meow (something splendid or stylish) to Tarot, so get your getaway sticks (legs) down here and chin (talk) the chin (talk) and be a live wire! It’s going to be a lollapalooza (humdinger)!

Over the course of this month, we will be meeting the livewires of the wands, seeing why the Hierophant is a Mrs Grundy and you may also discover why that Chariot is the hayburner of life.

We’ll learn why the 3 of Cups is on a toot, and I’ll ask you which of the Page cards is most likely to be an Owl – and why. I will even reveal some secret humdinger tarot spells to get you some scratch.

So be an egg and not a flat tyre – all this and more – join us regularly for Tarot hip to the jive!

TaliTarot, Time-Traveller of Tarot.