Falling in Love

THE New Palladini Deck

Falling in love again
Never wanted to
What am I to do?
Can’t help it .

New Palladini Lovers

New Palladini Lovers

Oh … the heady state of love and the accompanying self-abandonment, the very thing that inspired the lofty likes of William Shakespeare and Emily Bronte to pen tales of ambition in the pursuit of love. My passion has been ignited by a box of 78 pieces of cardboard. I have fallen madly, truly in love with a Tarot deck, this deck is the New Palladini deck (US Games, 1996).


I am, I proclaim “falling in love again”, as echoed so hauntingly in the Marlene Dietrich song.


Here I am, ‘like a moth to the flame’. I embrace the object of my desire, lovingly so I behold the images; this newly discovered desire inspiring me, giving me new life and enthusiasm. I see Tarot through new eyes, my vision helped along with the spirit of optimism and the trusting which accompanies a new relationship.  I have finally succumbed to the draw of the cards.

A new experience, new perspective, the different and unique personality of the cards, it would seem that each deck has its own personality, and its own attitude to life and relating. Within these realms of archetypal images that have been lovingly crafted to tell their own story. Transfixed I relate to the deck, listening to its message and I face it head on. I have a partnership with the deck.

Like the Magician, David [Palladini] seems to have channeled a higher energy and devoted soul in making this Tarot. Energy resonates from every image. As an artist, he applied a scholarly knowledge—yet one innate and emotional—into the symbolism that makes this deck eternal. Beginning readers are able to decipher David’s artwork instinctively, while at the same time, it assists devoted Tarotists to keep growing. For all enthusiasts, his artwork prompts development, growth, and inspiration.

Susan Hansson, Reading Tarot Cards: A Guide to the New Palladini Tarot. Extracted from her interview and large feature on David Palladini, with exclusive interviews, rare photographs and more, by Michael Orlando in Tarosophist International #5.


The cycle of the relationship with the deck; the broody deck, the vibrant deck, a deck that makes you laugh and makes you cry. A deck that makes you sigh so as you unwrap it. The stubborn deck, the sordid deck, the brainy deck, the deck that makes you desire, the cute deck that makes you want to rush out and adopt a cat, the unrequited love deck, that very deck that eludes you.

What is love? Is it cherishing something or some being above yourself, so that it is an all-encompassing obsession? Or is it that needing of something which is absent in your life? Or is it more truly speaking the realization of self-love?  A tarot deck containing images such as Palladini’s can offer a lifetime of inner knowledge to the seeker. We only need to open ourselves up, and come face to face with the shadows that lurk within, and perhaps one day we will discover the one and greatest love of all: the unconditional love known to the ancient Greeks as agape.

What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.


Ralph Waldo Emerson

So my darling, my most beloved of decks, I whisper to you as I hold you tenderly in my hands.

Love’s always been my game
Play it how I may
I was made that way
can’t help it …

I will return to explore more about the path of love, longing and loss through time and space with my next blog posting on the secret patterns of the Cups and Swords – and what this tells us about the head and heart, love and relating.

For now, and for always, in Tarot

TaliTarot, the time-travelling Tarot Blogger.