Resolving Doubts

Doubt and Antidoubt – resolve your daily doubts with the Tarot

Here’s a useful technique which works with self-selecting Tarot cards and then a little Tarot twist. It helps you accept, face and resolve your doubts, particularly any self-defeating ones at the start of the day. I used it today with interesting results already – let me know what happens for you! Today our time-travelling comes right into the present moment.


First, grab hold of your doubt. Hold it closely, really wallow in it – get certainty that you have the doubt well and truly in your sight. This is the first trick and may seem counter-intuitive, as most of us try and push doubts to one side or take a “positive thinking” approach. In Tarosophy® we always start from a real position, embrace it, and then use Tarot to transform it. We’re all for the real!

Step 1. Which tarot card matches most your innermost doubts today?

Go through your favourite deck and choose a card which matches your most significant doubt of the day. Select several cards if you feel like it, and then choose one which stands out the most.

SunandMoon 7P Failure

SunandMoon 7P Failure

As an example, mine for today is the 7 of Pentacles. A plateau reached but still the goal is not attained, it is at this stage we can be very hard on ourselves especially when we have worked hard to achieve what we have created so far and have doubts that it is good enough. We may worry about what folk will think of it. We tend to measure ourselves against the achievements of others.


Step 2. Which Tarot card matches your strengths?

Go through the rest of the deck and select a card that matches one of your strengths or experience. It does not have to be connected to the doubt of the day. Again, another trick is that we choose a card which we have certainty about represents something real about ourselves. We are more interested in the state of certainty (which is a step to anti-doubt) than the context. So choose something true.





Mine is the 8 of Pentacles.

SunandMoon 8P Prudence

SunandMoon 8P Prudence

I am certain I have a drive to keep working and creating in order to arrive at the end result. A strong work ethic and sense of pride in the work at hand, a determination to get the work completed to the best of my ability. I have experiences in my life that reflect this strength, so I am happy to choose it as a real card that means something to me in life.
Now we have these two cards, we can call upon a divinatory moment to connect them. This is the real magick of creative Tarot.


The anti-doubt is the bridging card between doubt and certainty. To receive your anti-doubt card, shuffle the rest of the deck whilst accepting all of your doubts – even the doubt that you can apply your resource card to the situation. Be honest inside yourself, it is the only place you have that freedom. Then draw a card from the deck.

This card is placed between the two cards already selected and shows you who you must be, or how you must be, to ensure that the doubt is resolved today.

The card I drew is the High Priestess, this is the bridging card as to who I must be or how I must be, so that my resource resolves the doubt.

SunandMoon High Priestess

SunandMoon High Priestess

Now for the trick! I know me and I know sometimes we doubt even ourselves and our cards. So, now what we do is we turn the remaining deck upside-down and look at the base card!

This tells us what to look for as a sign that our antidote/anti-doubt is working.

SunandMoon King of Pentacles

SunandMoon King of Pentacles

I found the King of Pentacles at the bottom of my deck. This is telling me to look today for the King of Pentacles in my life. As Vanessa Decort writes in her LWB [Little White Book] I should also look for the “loyalty of other people” and “financial ideas and partnership”.


This is so strange as I am going to the bank as soon as I finish this blog. This will certainly be the High Priestess meets the King of Pentacles! So today I will look for all aspects of the King of Pentacles in any way that appears during the day.

In doing so, I will unconsciously and magically be resolving my doubt, drawing on my strength, without having to do anything specifically with those cards. My attention will be directed by the Tarot to what I need, and the Universe will do the rest.

To further explore the magic of the Tarot, consider a deeper reading with any one of my friends such as Gidget London or Marcia McCord at where the cards come to life in the hands of some of the world’s best readers!

PS. Just as a bit of fun, what one thing would you choose to do if you couldn’t not fail at anything at all? I would apply to be the leading star of a broadway musical! Wow, if I couldn’t not fail … maybe I would get on a plane and audition for a movie, something like Chicago!

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