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Lenormand Decks

Lenormand Decks

 Your Lenormand Reading If you would like a unique Lenormand reading with me, using antique and vintage cards, some over a century old, please ask your question below and select the type of reading you require. All my readings are unique, and will be photographed and sent by text. I hold to the Tarosophy Code of Conduct, Ethics and Performance for my readings, which assures you of a professional approach and full consideration of your question. I am the co-author of Learning Lenormand, to be published by Llewellyn Worldwide, May 2012, and I base my readings on my experience and research across French, German, and Brazilian styles and often use the original Lenormand deck which I published under license from the British Museum in 2012 as part of the Tarot Professionals “Year of Antiquity” project.

“Thank you Tali for your excellent reading, your time, expertise and consideration. It was a really useful reading and has helped the situation a lot.” J.B. (UK)

I treat every reading individually and divine directly from the cards themselves – their voice is my voice, and I present this to you with helpful commentary. My readings have been described as unique, quirky, timeless and insightful.

Unique qualities of your reading from me:

  • You will receive a photograph of antique cards used for over a century, for your reading.
  • As a reader of both Tarot and Lenormand, I use Lenormand for very direct readings.
  • The readings are based and built from immersion and experience of many different styles, from which my own voice derives.
  • I use the method known as “Lenormand Houses” in-depth to provide more context for your reading.
  • I use the cards on a daily basis for my own guidance and development, so I know how to apply them to real life.
  • I have a range of techniques I have developed that are unique, such as “shadowing” and “beacon cards”, etc. for added insight.

3-Card Reading (ideal for quick questions) … £15

Please Ask Your Question.

5-Card Reading (for more detail about a situation) … £25

Please Ask Your Question.

The Grand Tableau – a full 36 card Consultation.

£45 (general overview) or £65 (in-depth)

Reading the Grand Tableau The Grand Tableau is a 36-card layout, using the entire Lenormand deck. I use the Houses method of reading to allow for a deeper insight into the patterns at work in your life, throughout your relationships, career, home-life, family, education and travel. The Grand Tableau offers a birds-eye view across all the situations in your life, past, present and future, and can be read for many hours to offer answers to every aspect of your life’s journey.

I offer a general Tableau reading in which I use the significant cards and their border cards to read your situation for relationships, career, etc., and also look at answering any specific questions you might have (you can provide up to three specific questions).

If you would like a totally in-depth consultation, or a “year ahead” reading, I use the Tableau to explore relationships between the cards, and many other methods, such as knighting – a way of providing solutions and insights “out of the box” for you to take your life into different directions. Allow the cards to suggest new ways of finding a life you have not yet seen.

Grand Tableau General Consultation (£45)

Please Ask Your Questions.

Grand Tableau In-Depth Consultation (£65)

Please Ask Your Questions.

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