A Busy Year

Well it has been a busy year since I last wrote here in January, and it is the Lenormand to blame for this frantic pace. When we devised our “Cards of Antiquity” project in 2011, and the year prior our “Rose Key” project, we were not to know how these would go viral. It has been incredible to see how the cartomantic streams of Lenormand and Etteilla have come into the spotlight this last year, and how much more is still to follow.

I hope everyone who is now aware of our Rose-Key¬†Secret¬†has been discovering how many Rose-Keys are out there, and how long the “Dallas Ritual” took to plan, and how it has rippled back in time. We chose the Lenormand deck almost three years ago now to create that event, and it has sort of taken over!

In the meantime this year I have been delighted to meet so many other readers at our Tarosophy TarotCons, in the Lake District, UK and Dallas, USA. Next year we have TarotCon events in Sydney and Singapore, commencing the year, so it will be fantastic to see even more new ideas in Tarot and Cartomancy emerge.

Here is a 20-minute selection of video clips from our events over the last couple of years, although it is always difficult selecting representative clips as the speakers are so diverse and wonderful!

It really has been an incredible year for Tarot and I look forward to blogging my way through next year with you.

Tali x

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